"7eme Esprit"

Kidd bone a.k.a 7th Spirit, my real name: Rick OUAMBA.

Born in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, on February 7, 1983, and descended from a wealthy Christian family, his story with the music begins with an unprecedented fanaticism for Michaël Jackson. From 9 to 13 he starts playing the flute he learned at school. In 1994 he played his first concert at the Catholic church Ste. Anne via the "choir NGUNGA" of the church St. Jean-Marie Vianey (choir of my father); He was 11 years old.

In the summer of '94, Kidd finally left the flute for the piano. He felt more at ease with the piano because he easily composed his own melodies. Without further delay, he began to write texts, but much more classical and romantic. But with the advent of Kriss Kross in the United States and Mc Solaar in France, Kidd bone cowards Michaël Jackson, the classic and romantic, for Rap. It turns out that it is in this musical genre that he can express himself better.

In 1997, war broke out in the country and Kidd bone found himself in Guinea Conakry where he founded a Rap trio called 'Notion du son' composed of Seydou KABELE CAMARA aka Big S (Guinean), Eliotte ILBOUDO, aka Ravayak Of the ghetto (Burkina Faso) and himself KI double D. They will win the contest of Inter school inter-school of Conakry. In 1999, it was the Big S cousin from France named Moraney BANGOURA a.k.a Agent zero added to the group. They are now 4 and '' Sound Notion '' becomes '' The Sadistic Clique ''. Kidd bone wrote his first solo text entitled '' Do You Know My Past '' still on paper until today? This is the beginning of a passion for him.

In 2000, he found himself in Burkina Faso to continue his studies and founded a duo Rap baptized '' Omniprésents ''. His acolyte of the time: Christophe SOMBIE a.k.a current KDR, with an album on the Burkinabè market. This is the climax of his aspiring musical career. After their prowess, they are soon joined by Veronica a.k.a Véro (mixed germano Burkinabè) in 2002.

After the departure of Véro for Germany, KDR and Kidd bone separated and it was Marley ESSONE aka S1 (Belgian half-breed) who joined him for a new duo Rap baptized '' KS1 '' (Kidd bone and S1) . Quickly marked by '' To refuse '' their first producer, they recorded only 5 titles before returning to the Country for his Bac: it is now 2004.

On November 4, 2004, Kidd Bone returned to Brazzaville, and it is a new page of his budding career that begins to be written. After a good group experience, certainly, but he opts this time for a solo story and multiplying featurings. When he gets his Bac, he records his first solo title "My God is a Gaillard" by way of thanksgiving to the Lord who faithfully supported him during this year full of battles. There he met his current sound engineer, Adam SAMBA a.k.a Shilard, founder of NAGOSS RECORDS CONGO.

Kidd bone adopts a style that he respects for his specialty and his uniqueness: the Rap chanted and rolled: it is the innovation of the famous group of Rap American origin of Clevland named the BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY.

Kidd bone then decided to inducte cadets who admired him: Ulrich a.k.a Linsparker with the track "Linsparker", Derly a.k.a NDR, and Darel a.k.a Snom in the song "Forever".

That's his story, and he calls it a beginning.

May the Lord be your first source of inspiration for art, and you will see that you will do good around you!