ADUNAGOW Magazine strives on High Quality, Out of the box thinking, Endless creativity, daring editorial, challenging the participation of its readers.

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ADUNAGOW Records focus on promoting new and young African talents by showcasing their music through its own personal record label. Check out latest featured artist Kidd Bone.

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ADANIS is a multimedia studio dedicated on creating 3D animation shows, feature films, and more. At ADANIS, we bring animation to live: “Let There Be Animation!”

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Adjective: (of art, education, etc.) Using more than one medium of expression or communication.

Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms

ADUNAGOW - The Multimedia Company:
1. Publishing (Magazines | Books)
2. Music (Records Label | Music Production | Video Production)
3. People Interaction (Events | Debate | Talk Shows | Forums)
4. Education
5. Collaboration
6. Foundation (ADUNAGOW Foundation for the Youth Development: Live.Teach.Protect)


Next Steps...

ADUNAGOW Is still growing the first two phases of its company: Publishing and Music. Help us reach the next level by participating into our vision.